Thermal Spray Flexicord

Coating Solutions that Have You Covered

Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions created its line of thermal spray Flexicord products to deliver excellent resistance to thermal cycling, abrasion, corrosion & dielectric exposure. All material are avalables: ceramics, metallics and carbides to fit your coating needs. These flame spray coatings provide the optimal wear-resistant barrier to extend the life of parts & equipment in demanding applications. Regardless of the shape, size or composition of the substrate, Saint-Gobain has a cost-effective Flexicord coating solution for you.

Flexicord thermal spray consumables are used in tandem with Saint-Gobain’s proprietary Master Jet® & Top Jet flame spray unit for optimal coating efficiency. Flexicord products provide the ultimate easy-to-apply protective coatings that ensure reliable performance for a range of process conditions efficiently & effectively.

How Do Thermal Spray Flexicord Products Extend Surface Life?

The flame spray process extends the life of components by imparting a melted consumable coating material – in the form of a flexible cord – using a handy or automatic flame spray gun. The molten material is sprayed onto the component, generally at a temperature below 250º F (121º C), without altering the nature of the substrate.

The flame spray process is generally easier to set up. Saint-Gobain’s Master Jet®, Top Jet and Master Jet® Auto flame spray units deliver coatings on external components. Compared with HVOF and plasma sprayed coatings, Saint-Gobain’s Flexicord consumables impart coatings with less internal stress, allowing thicker coatings with better thermal cycling resistance & wear protection.