Schoopage of Film Capacitors


  • A polymer film capacitor is a metallized polymer film that forms an electrode-dielectric pair.
  • To increase capacitance, the film is wound to a coil
  • Connectors are attached to the opposite ends of the roll for integration into a circuit
  • The electrodes in the ends of the rolls need to be connected in parallel; this is done by metallizing of zinc by thermal spray, or schoopage


  • Temperature control: the temperature of the polymer film cannot exceed 100 C, sometimes less.
  • Dust particles: Unwanted particles cannot enter the roll between the film layers
  • Conductivity: The terminal has to have a good electric conductivity to minimize losses in operation
  • Weldability: The coating should allow direct brazing of connectors

Our Coating Solution

Schoopage of zinc wire on capacitor ends with the MasterJet Auto IV automated flame spray system.


  • Full process automation and control: Industry 4.0 compatibility.
  • Increased spray efficiency and throughput achieved with our proprietary cooling system that allows low temperatures to be maintained at short spray distances.
  • Cleaner components and safer work environment due to low amount of zinc dust.
  • Maximized electrical and thermal conductivity through seamless adjustment of zinc particle size leading to high density and low oxidation of the coating.

The Master Jet Auto IV system is the only Industry 4.0 coimpatible flame spray system and already the choice of many of the largest capacitor manufacturers in the world.