Electric Vehicles

The whole automotive industry landscape is redefined by the revolution of EVs. Our advanced Coating Solutions can address challenges at various points of the value chain, from the manufacturing equipments (including in the gigafactories) to the EV components themselves.  

In a context where any reduction of weight or of friction losses are translating directly into an extension of the EV driving range (which is of critical importance to succeed in the conversion of this market), the potential represented by technical functional coatings is very exciting.

Electric Vehicles

Coating Solutions for Manufacturing Processes

  • Cu-Foil manufacturing

    Thin Cu-foils are a key enabler of the electrification in the field of automotive, used for Battery current collectors as well as for circuit boards, and electrical connections in the EVs environment.

    Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions has some unique technical solutions to offer in this environment and is already providing these solutions to this industry at large scale.

  • Sintering of your solid ceramic separators in Solid-State Batteries (SSB)

    The new revolution in Batteries is the coming Solid-State Batteries, also referred as Li-metal Batteries. This new generation of Batteries is delivering superior performance with higher density energy, and a reinforced safety. Some of these batteries involve a ceramic separator, which is the key element with many associated challenges to unlock. This ceramic separator can be either an oxide, sulfide, or halide. We, as Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions foster to provide you the proper Barrier coatings for a safe and troubleshot sintering process. (à Contact us form)

  • And much more

    Because this field is so dynamic, we’re keen to discover your needs and challenges and to initiate a co-development involving material science, thermal spray, functional coatings to solve some of your challenges with customized ceramic coatings. (à Contact us form)

Ceramic Coatings

Integrating a key function on your Components

  • Electrical insulation

    In the general context of electrification, a safe and compact solution for ensuring a safe and reliable electrical insulation is to integrate in your design a Ceramic Dielectric coating applied by Thermal spray. This solution is going to save you 1 intermediate insulation part in your design, need for assembling, and will yield in a lighter and more compact solution. Besides the classical Alumina coating solution, we can offer a wide range of variations for this application, depending on your secondary constraints. Please check our Thermal Spray Powders / Alumina-based, and please contact us for more information

  • Heating function : Integrated HV Heater

    Did you know this ? Thanks to its versatility, the thermal spray technology can allow the development and manufacturing of extremely compact high voltage heaters through the piling of various layers specifically designed for this purpose (dielectric layers and resistive layers, completed by bus-bar and connection). We can be your partner to develop such innovative solutions for the EV Thermal Management.

  • EMI-shielding

    In the context of vehicle electrification, reinforced by the need for lighter components, thermal spray technology can be a choice option to ensure EMI shielding on your polymer casings. We can be your partner to develop such solutions from the proof of concept to the industrialization.

Friction Reduction Coatings
  • E-Axle shafts

    In the context of an Electric Vehicle, friction reduction and wear resistance are of key importance for both optimizing the EV range and also to optimize the reliability and cost of ownership of the vehicle. New designs of E-motors and E-Axle shafts are yielding to very high rotation speed for the shafts. The sealing surfaces are the critical areas where both Friction and Wear are the most important. On these areas, our proven ceramic coating solutions can help you to achieve a quantum leap both in reducing friction and reducing wear, in particular our Plasma Spray Powders / Alumina-based / Alumina-Titania or our Plasma Spray Powders / Chromia-based.

  • Friction discs

    In the context of an Electric Vehicle, friction reduction and wear resistance are of key importance for both optimizing the EV range and also to optimize the reliability and cost of ownership of the vehicle.

    Friction and wear are key for friction discs, and Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions has developed a high performance production equipment to achieve a well-mastered Molybdenum coating at best cost and with unprecedented process control, check our Flame spray / Flame Equipment / Master Jet Auto.