Photovoltaic PV-Thin Films Cell

While Silicon-based PV has taken the greatest part in the impressive growth of PV industry, Photovoltaïc Solar Cells based on Thin-film technology (PV-thin film CIGS, CIS, CdTe) have various key benefits such as
  • A better efficiency at moderate solar irradiation
  • A lower carbon footprint in the manufacturing process (less energy usage and less minerals consumed to manufacture the solar panels)
  • Nicer design, enabling a more harmonious architectural integration (BIPV)

Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions is proud to offer its range of Magnetron Sputtering Targets for the PV-Thin Film industry, mainly our High Purity Molybdenum Sputtering targets.

Example of solar panels

Molybdenum thin layer is the choice coating to make the back-electrode of the cell, thanks to its very high electrical conductivity and its excellent corrosion resistance to chemical species used in other steps of the manufacturing of the cell.  

Our Sputtering Targets are a key enabler for turning your manufacturing process more sustainable and cost-effective. Please check-out our Product page on PVD Sputtering targets.