Coating Solutions for the Automotive Industry

The Automotive industry is in the middle of an unprecedented revolution driven by the absolute need to reduce drastically the greenhouse gases emissions and the particle emissions impacting human health in highly populated areas. Now driven by state policies that are enforcing very stringent regulations (like the Euro7 in Europe), the pace of this revolution is extremely fast, which requires very efficient innovation processes and the need for the automotive to leverage all the actors having relevant technological solutions to enable this revolution. On top of this, the other priority for the whole industry which is the need to reduce its impact on available resources (materials, energy) during its manufacturing processes also applies to the automotive indust
coating automotive

To achieve this revolution, the automotive industry is activating the following key enablers, the pillars of this revolution :

  • Electrification via Batteries or Fuel Cells
  • De carbonation via use of H2 when relevant
  • Digital Electronic monitoring via the use of Power electronics and semiconductors
  • Enlightening of the components and structure of the vehicles
  • Recycling and re-manufacturing approach

A few other key priorities are appearing being fully part of this revolution, namely :

  • Optimization of Thermal management
  • Components Lifetime enhancement
  • Reduction of Friction and Thermal losses

In this context, Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions is proud to bring all its expertise and breadth of products and solutions to contribute to this exciting challenge endorsed by the Automotive industry (including Heavy Duty vehicles).