Saint-Gobain to become carbon neutral in 2050

The Saint-Gobain Group is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2050, backed by our 350+ years of expertise.

The environment, health and safety of our customers and collaborators are at the core of our strategy. Click here to read more about Saint-Gobain initiatives to become carbon neutral.

As we are striving to reduce our own carbon emissions as well as those of our customers, we, at Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions aim to become a major contributor in key markets for sustainability such as electrification, hydrogen, sustainable fuels, lighter materials… and many others.

Our vision reflects this key strategy and ambition: 

Be the enabling coatings performance partner to transform the industrial world to be sustainable.

Our pillars for action are the following:

  • At Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions, we are now offering a service of overspray material collection to reduce and avoid landfilling at our customers. This initiative contributes to reduce the carbon footprint of our customers.
    With this service, we will collect at least 40 tons of material in 2022. Let’s decarbonize our industry together!
    If you are interested in reducing your landfill of ceramic materials, please Contact us.
  • We extend the lifespan and increase the positive impact on resources preservation of our customers’ products:
    Our coatings enhance resistance to aggressive process environments such as wear, corrosion and high temperatures allowing for reduced waste and downtime.
  • We enable the use of new technologies needed for decarbonation:
    • We facilitate the use of lighter materials for Electric Vehicles and develop coatings for the future of the Hydrogen industry.
    • We assess and reduce our environmental impact through Life Cycle Analysis consistent with ISO 14040 and 14044 and eco-innovation to develop new business models that correspond to our world's biggest challenges.
  • We have a long history of co-development with our customers. We put our capabilities at your service to eco-innovate through co-development.
cycle sustainablity


Providing safer and healthier solutions

We are developing alternative materials and processes to put the health of our customers and collaborators at the heart of our strategy. We are totally committed to the Saint-Gobain EHS policy.