ICE and Heavy Duty vehicles

While the trend is there to convert most of the light vehicles to EVs, the Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) will still be a key technology in the field of heavy duty vehicles, trucks, agriculture powered machines, marine engines, etc… and has also the potential to contribute to the decarbonizing revolution if we consider a conversion to H2 Combustion.  

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Please find here below examples of applications that can be fulfilled with our products

Heavy Duty Vehicle
Thermal Barrier Coating Solutions
  • Thermal Insulation in Combustion area

    Reducing thermal losses in a Combustion engine has been a long-lasting idea which revealed challenging to convert in reality. Recent Research work have shed a new light on the topic and Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions is at the edge of this trend.

    Leveraging our wide experience in the field of Ceramics applied to Thermal Barrier Coatings (see Power Generation / TBC) and also our extensive R&D resources in Materials Science.

    Please discover the summary of Eagle Project in which Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions has led the effort related to development of the Coatings.

    Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions is your choice partner for this innovative development of Thermal Insulation in the ICE Combustion area, including piston head, valves front face, cylinder bore.

  • Thermal Insulation on exhaust manifold and turbochargers

    The interest of achieving a thermal insulation on exhaust manifold, and on turbochargers area is both to reduce thermal losses (having a positive impact on engine efficiency and consumption) but also to protect other surrounding components from heat.

    Discover our Plasma Spray / Powders / Zirconia-based for high volume applications and our Flame spray / Flexicords / Ceramic Series associated with our Flame Spray / Flame Equipment / Master Jet for and easy to apply solution well-fitted for small series like Racing motorsport, or small scale production.

Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions is your choice partner for your needs of Thermal Insulation, Thermal Barrier Coatings on your combustion engine.

Friction reduction Coating Solutions
  • Molybdenum coating

    Friction reduction and wear resistance are of key importance for both optimizing the reliability and cost of ownership of the vehicle.

    Partially oxidized Molybdenum coating is a proven solution both for lubricated friction and for dry friction and wear, such coating can improve drastically the performance and lifetime of several components in ICE engines such as Friction discs, Gear forks, Synchro rings, Clutch diaphragms, Clutch discs, etc…

    Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions has developed a top-end production equipment to achieve a well-mastered Molybdenum coating at best cost and with unprecedented process control, check our Flame spray / Flame Equipment / Master Jet Auto.

  • Other Friction-reduction coatings

    For the same purpose and applications as above mentioned, but also for coatings on crankshaft areas, for connecting rod, or on various bearings our Flame spray / Flame Equipment / Master Jet Auto can also spray other very relevant coatings for friction reduction applications such as Cupro-Aluminum Brass, Babbit alloy, etc.

Hard Chrome Replacement

In the context of a coming ban on hexavalent chromium hard chrome process, we, as Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions, can be your partner to develop substitute solutions on a case by case basis, from the R&D phase to the proof of concept and to the industrialization


In the context of digitalization and electronics, reinforced by the need for lighter components, thermal spray technology can be a choice option to ensure EMI shielding coatings on your polymer casings. We can be your partner to develop such solutions from the proof of concept to the industrialization