Protection Against Molten Zinc


Equipment used in the hot galvanizing industry, such as tanks and tools, are in contact with molten zinc at 450-500°C and need to be protected against dross adhesion and erosion.

Molten Zinc


The particular challenges in this application arise from:

  • Corrosion: the reaction between the steel and liquid zinc increases the zinc dross content in the bath and wears the equipment
  • Dross adhesion: the corrosion product, zinc dross, sticks to the walls and bottom of the tank, from where it must be mechanically cleaned to prevent contamination of the end product
  • Erosion: the tank walls are eroded by ZnO and NaCl at the surface of the liquid zinc

Our Coating Solution

Thermal spraying of a ceramic coating with a Master Jet® and a Spinel Flexicord provides an economical solution for any geometry of work piece.


  • Thermal spray allows for coating deposition to virtually any material
  • Flexicord coatings are easy to apply manually on complex shapes
  • Easy to clean: low wettability of spinel by molten zinc prevents sticking
  • Abrasion resistant: ceramic coatings provide resistance to scratches from tools when cleaning the equipment
  • Thermal shock resistant: Optimal structure of the coatings handles thermal shocks extremely well
  • Impact resistant: Due to their lower internal stresses, Flexicord coatings resist impacts better than typical ceramic coatings
  • Thermally insulating: less energy required to keep metal in molten state
  • One step process: No sintering/curing required

The Master Jet® system is:

  • Economical (low CAPEX)
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Lightweight, making it optimal for on-site work and for extended operations