Carbide Series

Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions’ carbide series of thermal spray Flexicord materials produce high performance tungsten carbide or chromium carbide coatings using our Master Jet® and Top Jet Flame Spray Guns. These coatings provide resistance to abrasion, erosion, fretting & sliding wear comparable to those produced by costlier HVOF methods. Compared to HVOF or plasma sprayed coatings, Saint-Gobain carbide series Flexicord products yield coatings with less internal stress which permits thicker coatings & better resistance to thermal cycling. The coatings can be used as sprayed – with roughness values from 4 – 6.5 μm – or can be finished with diamond or AZ grinding.

For maximum performance, carbide Flexicord products can be sprayed with Saint-Gobain’s Master Jet or Master Jet Auto spray guns.

Flexicord Red
Data Sheets (TDS)
ChromKarb - Thermal Spray Flexicord - TDS
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ChromKarb - Thermal Spray Flexicord - TDS