Titania Thermal Spray Powders

Saint-Gobain’s #1000 & #1001 powders are composed of fused & crushed, blocky-shaped black titania. These powders are used for coatings where only moderate resistance to abrasive wear is required. The products are soluble in alkalis & sulfuric acid but resist attack in many other environments.


Nominal Chemistry Morphology Product No. Nominal Size Properties & Applications
98% TiO2 Fused & Crushed #1000 5-25 µm - Easy to spray for low to moderate wear resistance coatings
- Easy to finish with some dry lubricious properties
#1001 15-45 µm


Safety Datasheets (SDS)
Titania - Thermal Spray Powders - SDS.pdf
PDF | 400.27 KB
Titania - Thermal Spray Powders - SDS.pdf