EBC Powders

BSAS and Rare Earth Silicate Thermal Spray Powders for Environmental Barrier Coatings 

Saint-Gobain custom tailors the chemistry of rare earth powders to protect silicon carbide parts against gas erosion to meet the air engine and power generation industry’s demands for high purity environmental barrier protection. Contact your Saint-Gobain Coating Solution representative for more information to determine the optimal powder for your application.

Examples of Advanced Environmental Powders

Lanthanide Series (Fused) – Rare Earths 

  • Yttrium monosilicate
  • Yttrium disilicate
  • Custom chemistry and size
EBC Powders


Barium strontium aluminum silicate is an important coating used to seal the base material from high temperature water vapor and other corrosive gases found in gas turbines.

Rare Earth Silicates

Rare earth silicates are used with BSAS to slow down the penetration of erosive/corrosive gases.