ProPlasma High Performance Plasma Spray Gun

Maximum Efficiency with Versatile, Economical Operations.

Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions designed the ProPlasma high-performance powder spray gun with two goals: To improve productivity & provide versatility. We based our design on a single anode/single cathode configuration. However, Saint-Gobain has optimized the plasma gas injection & electrode shapes to enable users to meet a wide range of thermal spray requirements for optimal performance.

Whether you require high powder feed rates, high deposition efficiency or high velocity, the ProPlasma HP spray gun meets your coating needs more effectively & economically than other new generation plasma guns. Its simple design combined with patented features yields efficiency rates that reduce energy consumption & product waste for significant cost savings, while producing highly wear-resistant coatings that extend the life of your parts & equipment.


Benefits of ProPlasma High-Performance Spray Guns

  • Two power configurations – standard (30-40 kW) & high power (45-65 kW) – to optimize performance & energy savings
  • Easy-to-change the self-anode aligning and cathode, which simplifies change-outs & reduces downtime
  • Low energy consumption for an environmentally friendly process
  • High spray rates:
  • 120 g/min (16 lb/hour) at 51% deposition efficiency when used with Saint-Gobain’s chromium oxide powder
  • 150 g/min (20 lb/hour) at 57% deposition efficiency when used with Saint-Gobain’s yttria zirconia powder
  • 120 g/min (16 lb/hour) at 57% deposition efficiency when used with Saint-Gobain’s Ruby powder
  • 75 g/min (10 lb/hour) at 65% deposition efficiency when used with Saint-Gobain’s Aluminum Oxide powder

In addition to ProPlasma high performance spray guns, Saint-Gobain can apply their vast knowledge of materials chemistry & process technology to customize turnkey plasma spray systems which include the control unit, power source & other related equipment.

Data Sheets (TDS)
ProPlasma - Thermal Spray Equipment - TDS.pdf
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ProPlasma  - Thermal Spray Equipment - TDS