Rocdur Series

Save Time & Money with RocDur Thermal Spray Flexicord

Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions developed the RocDur series of thermal spray Flexicord products to deliver high-quality, cost effective coatings for flame spray applications, either as sprayed or spray and fused. Made of a nickel self-fluxing alloy, RocDur thermal spray Flexicord products are available in a range of wear-resistant compositions with hardness values from 29 HRC to 62 HRC. And even for higher wear resistance, the RocDur are also avalable with tungsten carbide with a rate from 28% to 50%.

Whichever formula meets your specific needs for resistance to corrosion, friction, thermal shock or thermal aging, RocDur thermal spray Flexicord products offer excellent coating protection to extend service life.

Flexicord picture