Which Ceramic Materials Can Aid in Protection Against Molten Zinc?

Discover how ceramic coatings protect against molten zinc's corrosive effects in the hot galvanizing industry, enhancing equipment lifespan and safety.

Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials Improves Upon EcoVadis Platinum Rating

Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials earns the Platinum Medal from Ecovadis for the second year, improving upon their score

How to Enhance the Sustainability of Thermal Spray Solutions

Thermal spraying solutions are often strongly aligned with sustainable principles, potentially playing a key role in combating climate change.

Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials awarded with Ecovadis Platinum rating in

Saint-Gobain Matériaux Céramiques announces having received the Platinium medal from Ecovadis for Corporate Social Responsibility.

How does Thermal Spray Powder Morphology Influence Coating Properties?

Your choice of thermal spray powder is crucial as the morphology of individual particles has a significant effect on the quality of the coating produced.

Fine powder development for the Semicon market

The Semicon market is driven by a strong dynamic of technological progress and has seen its growth further boosted by the need of hardware for the deployment of 5G. Developments in wafer processing are key to meet the challenging miniaturization objectives set by the International

Saint-Gobain Thermal Spray Powders – Protecting Semiconductor Dry-Etch

Dry etching is an essential nanofabrication technique in the modern-day manufacturing of miniaturized semiconductor devices.

Using Modern Flame Spray Technology to Metallize Capacitors – or Schoopage

Modern flame spray technology is a thermal spray technique used to produce high-performance, uniform coatings on substrates. Flame spray technology involves supplying feedstock to an oxy-fuel flame. 

4 Key Applications of Plasma Transferred Arc Coating

Plasma transferred arc (PTA) coating – also known as PTA hardfacing – was developed in the 1960s as a means of rebuilding and repairing worn mechanical parts. Today, plasma transferred arc coating is predominantly